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and the mcdonald's dollar menu. 3& big cat awarrness day- marrland zoo in bbltimoore -3 merediih wagonee joiis us livee- - wwht is bii cat enriccmentt- -3 what cannpeople expect to ee? -3 p haatbig cats ddee the ooo -ay??- day? & 33 "big cat awareness daa" is at tte maryland zoo &ptommrrow fromm11 too1.for more inffrraaion go to foxbalttmoree p3&pwwuld you rather be ii thiss heat....or in he snow? -3 snoo?if you want snow... ere it is. wherreii'ssfaaling in rrther eealwith. you''e watching fox p5 good day baltimorr. -3 3 ((bbeaa 2)) ,33 p -- much of the u-s is ccokkig in uumer heat,, hhats not he caae elsewhereein the in paatt of ccile this week. --meteorologists say it's the &pmoss now too all in thh you cooll say chile... is chili... 3 3& map t mchenry ap 115 map to connact thee 3&&pspcc, o to ouu weesite at ox ballimore dot com slash -3&pmorning. -3 3 anoohee 3& hoolyyood coople calls it -3 quits ... but theyystiillppan po ork ooether. marr anthony's laas to 3 and our relationshippexpertt ex n professiooaa relationssip.&prelltionship.and if
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on the mustard... get a look at one big sandwich that you ámayá or may ánotá find appetizinn. appetizing.if that doesn't emily what's on your plate toda? todaa? you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) [ boy ] goldfish sandwich bread in "the new kid in town"! is that the new kid? yeah, he says he can dunk. he's full of baloney. actually, it's peanut butter and jelly! whoa! whoa! new! wholesome! goldfish sandwich bread! celebrated in franne each year commemorate thh storming of the bastille fortresssprison in 1789 and was viewed as a symbol oo freedom and the uprising of the modern nation natiin 3 celebrate bastille day attma petite shoe todaa from 5 to 8pm.for more informaaion, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. from french food to an american creation thattyou may not be fond of. of.coming up... it's a giant spammsandwich... weell show you how mmch this thing weighs . next. you're watching fox 45 good dayybaltimore. ((break 2)) ---guiness world record attempt for largest spam sandwich---14-hundred pounds of spam grilled up---dough r
. neettann get ready to tango with rango... youu chaace to &pwin the movve on d-v-d still a big honor for ehoboth beach... the toww's boardwalk has been named one of the best in the natton... accordinn to nationaa geographic.rehoboth joons nnne others on the llst... including atlantic city and ocean city. 3 3(ad lib meteorologist))) 3 3 meteorooogist))((ad lib meteorologist)) 33 & ii's our mobiddal offthe week! every week.. we'll bring you a ddal from mobideals... which proviies coupons directly to phone! this my-mobideals-dot-commto get n - started.. or ook ffr mobideall on your smartphone. smartphone. mobideals s aaproduct of our parent company.. sinclair broadcast group. wizards... wwtchhs and muggles... h my! my!fans arr already raving about the finalharry potter mov. ssectacular ending)) ending))coming up... a look at the frenny of fans rrghh here in maryllnd lining up for chapter.and tens of housands pf people are in pittsburgh for america idol auditions... we'll ake you there live to hear from some oo those trying out. you're watching
. -3 all haapeeed within minutes .. and locks.. of the --3 big 4th f july ffreworks show at the innnr harbor where thousands of eople were pathered. 3 look at this can see how close tooether all the violenceeis.a four year old chhid.. shoo on light and pratttstreees...a man stabbed on pier five...a brawl erupts neaa power pllnt livee. and reports of aachild involved ii a hit and run on saratoga -3 street. 33 you can seeepolicc gathering evvdence less than an hour after the fiieworks ended... from thhesceee where &pthat boy was shot.there was loud sound, and thh boyy sttrtee crying... hat's when -3 theeparents nottced he hhd been shot in theelower bodd. he was taaen to johns hopkins chhldrens centerraadd police ay thht shooting may have been acciiental.accidental. that was not the &pcase with he confrontation - ootside mccoomick anddschmicks restaurant also around 10 pm. ww groups came toggther, it escalateedinto violence and ended ith mmn being stabbeddin the neck. a huge challeege wwth oth of thhse inciddnts was
good. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white meat chicken. oh so when's the big day? oh we got married years ago. but the point is i fit in it! are you wearing it... right now? yes! well, good for you. [ shopper ] excuse me. oh, so sorry. you look nice. oh, thank you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 33 3 p--jobi zink--jobi zink- óóóóó &pjoins us live for thiss mornnng's hometown hotspot- - thriller!- swimming meets murder- fluid ovement "mobtown murder - the world's &pfiist (and perhaas laat) &pinspired dayyime xxravaganza!! eetravaggnza!! -3 p, 33 fluid movvment's "mobtoonn murrer mystery" is this pool and neet weekend at patterson park pool.for more information go tt foxbaltimore dot com slash mooning..- 3 thissnext storr is also in the 3 literally.((and t starts riggt now!)) noo!)))ive t-v can be so much fun.we'll show yoo the splash landing... and the reactionnof -3 phe anchors neet. you''e watthing fox 45 ood day watching fox 45 you'rr watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 2)) ((:04 good morninn
leadershhp ... along side running bbck ray rice. the big thing is 2 vets will be out of locker room yoonger gus 4th year for me and ray it's time to groom those guys .. we'll have that chance. phance. players are expected to hit the field todaa at 1 oo clock. a brand new company in baltimore says oo can help save the planet everytime you turn on it's one offtheirs.pecially if theirs. joel d. smith is live in south baltimore where a new l.e.d. lighting company ii getting ready for its grand opening. good morrnng joel d. p 3 3 if this weee jeopardy....the question wouldd probably go something like this... how about "botched robbery or 200, alex?" alee?"(((heeanswer is at 2:30 burglar doww the hall at my san francisco hhtel.)) potel.)) "jeopardy" game show ost alex trebek hobbleddinto an event wednesday... and told everyone out he and his wife were rns - &pstaying at a hotel in san broke into their room while - they slept! slept!police say the suspeet is 56-year old ucinda moyers and she has a long rap sheet. trebek woke up to find her in the room and chased herrdown tte hallway until
! excited!it's a big day for aa young fan at fenway park... & watchhhis reaction to receiving ball coming up. 3 and in our hometown hotspot... why thereeare lot of people -3rrnning aaound in costumes -&pdowntown ... you're watchinn fox 45 good day balttmore. the duggars live a life of controlled chaos and make it look easy. it's only 19 kids, 3,000 a month for groceries, 40 loads of laundry a week in front of millions of viewers for 6 seasons. "we're waiting. go, go, go!" "why do you think the country and the world is so fascinated by your family?" and if we can get them to sit still long enough we just might find out how and why they do it. 3 --otakon is the convention of the otaku generation---eenifer piro spokesperson for takon the convention--cellbrate all & anime, mangg, nd all ffcets of asiin pop culture--33day p3- 3 otakoo is at the 33 baltimore conventioo centee through sunday.for more baltimore dot com slash 3 there's nothhng better tan seeing a kid get reallyy excited over something. 3 and this next kid's no exceptioo. 3 reaction
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purchase in 20-17 ... to celebrate what will be his fiftt year career as a she's a little girl with a big voice... and an even bigger mes. message.((keep trying! keep try) trying!)) coming up ... the song you'll be singinggaround the house today... after you see this adorrble video. videe. yooure watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((bump out)) ((break 1)) 3 --the laser rock shows pair favorite bands to a our - choreographhd laser art show spectacular--music included in these shows are from leeendary artist such as metallica, led zeppelin, u2, pink floyy p-llser rock showtimee are 7pm an 8:m fridaa and aturday nightssat the science center throughout the summer you can see the laser rock shows at the maryland science center on friday and saturday nights this month and next at 7pm and 8pm.for more informatioo, log on to ffx baltimore dot com slash morning. it's a little girl... with a biggmessage. message.((don't stop, don't give up! don't sttp, don't give up!)) up!)) hhar more of this toddler's inspirational song next. next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bre
's summer reading list.. for half price.where you can get a big ddscount.. on books. booos. you're watchiig fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)) ((toss to weathhr)) ((ad lib meteorologgst)) 3 itts ouu mobideal of thh week! every week.. we'll briig you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupoos dirrctly to your ceel phone! phonn! this week's deal cooes fromm"the book escape." pet a book pass fooronly 25- dollars, and receive a 50- dollar store credit.a book pass saves you up to 30- percent off. just go toomm-mobideall- dot-com to get ssarted.. or look for mobideals onnyour mar. smartphone. mobidealssis a product of oou parent company.. sinnlair broadcaat group. 3&her fate could be in the jury's hands in ust a matter of hours. hoursswe takeeyou livveinside the courtroom... of the casey anthony trial. place to meet singles in baltimmre?that's just one of the quessions our relationship expert is answering.our phone lines are open now... 410- 481-4545. you're baltimore. ((bbeak 6)) 3 [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cab
meat chicken. oh so when's the big day? oh we got married years ago. but the point is i fit in it! are you wearing it... right now? yes! well, good for you. [ shopper ] excuse me. oh, so sorry. you look nice. oh, thank you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 3 ((toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 & 3 it's our mobiddal pf the week! every week.. we'll brinn yoo a deal from obideals... which provides coupons directly o your cell phone! -3 phooe! thii weekks deal comes from the baltimmreecomedy one.. get neeticket andda drink free. just go toomy-mobidealss dot-com to get started...or look for mobideals on your smartphone. mobideals is a product of our &pparent compann.. sinclair - broadcast groop. 33 you're watchhig foo 45 -33 pood day baltimore. e;ll e rrght b ack 3 here's a live look at thee white house ttis morning.. 3 barbeque!the presidenttwilll miliiary families later on today. he president will also ggvv an independeece &pday speeeh thi
to pick a wiinnr.patrice? p3- 3 your chance o have ssme big laughs for aasmall'ss your obbdeal of the week a new releese date... and cooninued outrage in the casee anthony case.what herrlawyer jose baez fears for casey once she ets out. &p you're watchhng fox 45 good - day baltiiore.. 33 (( [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable. it was crazy! paying so much you want better quality. it was like you were trapped because that was the only system that was in our neighborhood -- was that cable. i was just getting too frustrated. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. now you can switch to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year -- with no annual contract required. i always heard great things about fios but the first time i saw the picture it was just like "wow." [ male announcer ] call now and we'll include over 60 premium channels including showtime, starz, epix and more for 12 months. you just get so much more with fios. when i'm on the internet things download like -- shoo! just as
pieces of white meat chicken. oh so when's the big day? oh we got married years ago. but the point is i fit in it! are you wearing it... right now? yes! well, good for you. [ shopper ] excuse me. oh, so sorry. you look nice. oh, thank you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 33 3 ww're back with dots disttict maaager fran hynes and models - phelby ross and ladavii powell. ttey showed us outfits that -3 wereecute for ssmmerrbut piappropriate or the -, heyyre going to show us how toobe & fashionable yet appropriate in the ffice.--a sundress is the 3 secret weapon 3 for summer dressing bbth &pcasual and career --airy -&fabrics like cotton and linee. 3 avoid silk and cotton aad pinen. ---iry fabrics like fabrics like cotton and linen. 3 avoid silk and polyeeter..can &pbe uncomforttble in thh ssmmer --summer dressessare appropriateefor work as long as theyyare not sppghettt straps anddtheyyhit the knee. - ---live colorris suutle for a --olive olor is 3 subtle for a conservative environment-- pair the ress with a ggeat wedge th
's the big day? oh we got married years ago. but the point is i fit in it! are you wearing it... right now? yes! well, good for you. [ shopper ] excuse me. oh, so sorry. you look nice. oh, thank you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 3- 3 &p 3 &pp, 3 from hoo cars... to one cool 3 this marine heats ttings p - with a queetion forraafamous &ppccress.his youutubb videoonext. next. you''e watching fox 45 good day baltimorr. 3&pp(break 2)) are sitting on the back porch and i start hearing this really strange sound. the tornado was coming up the driveway." driveway."chances are if you've lived through one tornado, "the first thing i see is a tree flying over my head. one is more than enough. trees coming down the driveway and just shooting them down the driveway like missiles."how this couple has prepared themselves..."it is such peace of mind." 3 ddy- emiiy gracey at the innnrr -3 in this heat? heat? p3 3 3 mappfiber map wilkens 3 & 3 it ssarted with video.. ann 3 a hollywood acttess.'s the video that started it ll... all... 3 ((
is set tt makee - a big announcement tooay... we'll tell you what it'ssall pbout next. &pplus- the foods you eat at calorres than ou thoughtt -33 we'll namm some f the restauranns making mistakes in theirrcalorie counting. couuning..nd if you have a -3 quustion about your pett.. you haae a chance to get it answered by an expert..jst call 410-481-44-45... and pe'll ave our veeerinarian &paasser them cominn uu. 3 ddy baltimore. 3 ((break 6)) 3 florida's "we're doing away with one don't ask, don't tell but we're gonna have another don't ask, don't tell policy." "you have military policy at odds with the belief systems of the chaplains." "in this new environment, will a chaplain be able to pull out a bible and read scripture."the new reality facing military chaplains as "don't ask, don't tell" becomes a policy of the past... on the "700 club," wednesday at we 3 895 northbound harbor tunnel blocced happening now... a senaae committee heeaing is just getting nderray to discuus the immact the defense of marriage act is haviig on families.
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